Monday, May 19, 2014

PLF (Sri Lanka), the local level NGO for the poor.

PLF (Sri Lanka), NGO with vision to help poor to have better life, is working on the path to improve the life standards of the local Sri Lankan people who are living in poverty stricken areas. Each and every human of this world needs nutritional food and clean drinking water. Here in Sri Lanka some people living in the rural areas lack with them. We as a local level NGO, working hard to eradicate this problem by providing the poor with enough food and clean drinking water at root level in the villages, when there is need.
Our staff used to visit villages and educate villagers on preserving the earth soil with minimizing the artificial fertilizer usage. Provide them with latest farming technology and getting more return for their hard work in the field.

We take much care to provide knowledge and training programs for local women to lead theirs and their families to be out of poverty by providing necessary advice, training and equipment.

Young people who are the future of Sri Lanka are provided with vocational skills and with other educational programs to make them to have a perfect life in their future.

We used to get in to contact and assist al those families and individuals who are affected by natural disasters like strong winds, flooding, land slid and so on.

All the efforts that carried out by our office administrative staff and the volunteers are welcomed by the local communities while many foreign individual and organizations are appreciating them through media reports.

PLF (Sri Lanka) was inaugurated as National level local Non Government Organization in the year 2008.Later it was registered under the registration of Social Service Organization Act No L143304 of 2010. From then onwards it is tirelessly focusing and working on community social welfare and small scale livelihood activities throughout the island, specially in the underprivileged remote areas.

You can donate any amount for our charity and community works through our help page. These funds will be diverted directly to the poor community through various methods.

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